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At Quick Mark Scientific Editing, we diligently work with our clients to prepare scientific writing for submission.

From students who want to continue their education to professors who run their own lab, we can take care of any customer, anywhere in the world. Whether you need a manuscript or grant proposal edited, or just need someone to look over a short letter, we have the editors you need to get the job done.

Examples of Previous Editing

Shen, A., M. Nieves-Cintron, Y. Deng, Q. Shi, D. Chowdhury, J. Qi, J. W. Hell, M. F. Navedo, and Y. K. Xiang. 2018. “Functionally distinct and selectively phosphorylated GPCR subpopulations co-exist in a single cell.” Nat Commun 9 (1):1050. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-03459-7.


Assenza, Maria Rita, Federica Barbagallo, Florencia Barrios, Marisa Cornacchione, Federica Campolo, Elisabetta Vivarelli, Daniele Gianfrilli, Luigi Auletta, Andrea Soricelli, Andrea M. Isidori, Andrea Lenzi, Manuela Pellegrini, and Fabio Naro. 2018. “Critical role of phosphodiesterase 2A in mouse congenital heart defects.”   Cardiovascular Research 114 (6):830-845. doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvy030.


Wang, Qingtong, Longsheng Wang, Li Wu, Mei Zhang, Shanshan Hu, Rui Wang, Yongsheng Han, Yujing Wu, Lingling Zhang, Xinming Wang, Wuyi Sun, and Wei Wei. 2017. “Paroxetine alleviates T lymphocyte activation and infiltration to joints of collagen-induced arthritis.” Scientific Reports 7:45364. doi: 10.1038/srep45364.